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About Cokers BBQ

A Bit About Our Founder

The history of one of Arlington’s best City Barbeque!

Butch Donahower started Cokers Bar-B-Q 21 years ago, just across the street from its current location. It has been an Arlington tradition ever since. City Barbeque is something to look forward to.

We’d like to tell you his pappy taught him his great-great-grandfather’s secret recipe for rub and barbeque sauce that was favored by Cyrus P. Hogglehort who surveyed this area in back in 1839. Well, it’s not quite that dramatic. The long and short of it is that Butch just wanted to open up a restaurant. So he worked at a friend’s barbeque place for awhile until he got the hang of it.

Realizing that “hey, I could do this!” he was inspired to start his own joint. So he opened Cokers, developed his own special barbeque sauce and the rest is North Texas barbeque history.

When you eat at Cokers BBQ, it is like you are dining with us at home.  We are proud to carry on Butches dream. By honoring his legacy in providing fantastic tasting bbq, and outstanding customer service.

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Made In-House

Cokers BBQ has been serving city barbeque for over 20 years now.  We pride ourselves in serving fresh city barbeque, so that once you take your first bite, you are sold on Cokers forever.

More than the sauce, in fact, everything at Coker’s is made in-house and from scratch. The brisket, ribs, ham, turkey, sausage, chicken, pork are all smoked out back with hickory. They are barbecued to the point of perfection so they just melt in your mouth. The brisket is smoked up to 20 hours. The ribs, up to 4 hours. The result? Some lip-smacking BBQ!  City barbeque, slow smoked BBQ brisket, served fresh daily.

So Coker’s was an instant success and moved into its current location seven years ago, tripling its space.

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