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Bring the Backyard Barbecue Indoors with Catering from Cokers

Bring the Backyard Barbecue Indoors with Catering from Cokers


Few experiences compare to having a backyard barbecue. Not only do you and your guests get to enjoy tasty Texas BBQ, but you also get to have a fun gathering with family and friends. Some barbecue enthusiasts combine chowing down on BBQ ribs with watching the big game, whether outdoors during the early part of the season or indoors towards the end of it. Others prefer to focus on the tasty smoked barbecue, side dishes, and beverages that make any at-home barbecue special.


Bring the Barbecue Inside with Cokers Pit Bar-B-Q


Temperatures have dropped and folks are already missing the days of pool parties and outdoor barbecues. Many people are asking themselves, ‘Is there any BBQ near me that I can enjoy at home?’ The answer is a resounding yes! Thanks to Cokers catering services, one of the best ways to fully experience the food and fun of an outdoor BBQ is to leave it to the pros.  When it comes to helping your guests feel right at home with authentic Texas-style barbecue, the clear choice is Cokers, which was voted as the best barbecue restaurant in Arlington, Texas.


Cokers Has Everything you Need 


Taking advantage of what Cokers has to offer also ensures that all the food is expertly prepared, not just the ribs. As one of the best restaurants Arlington, Cokers offers a variety of beef, pork, and chicken, along with delicious sizes and delectable desserts. Cokers catering will make sure you and all of your guests enjoy a satisfying at-home BBQ experience. 


When you contact a catering professional at Cokers, they will work with you to plan the perfect gathering so you don’t have to worry about remembering every detail. Discuss the specifics with Cokers staff members, who will work with you to accommodate guest preferences or any allergies. All food and drinks will arrive promptly and your guests will be treated to tasty Texas barbecue. 


Cokers Pit Bar-B-Q is there every step of the way and even offers setup and breakdown before and after your event. With Cokers catering, you never have to worry about cleanup after enjoying barbecue. There will be no messy grill to clean and no plates to wash, so you not only get to relax before and during your BBQ party, but you can also relax once it’s over and your guests have departed.


Cokers Catering: An Unforgettable Home Barbecue Experience


Aside from home events, Cokers can also take your backyard barbecue indoors at variety of venues and accommodate both large and small groups of various sizes. Choose from buffet-style dining or order individual meals to suit everyone’s palate. For corporate events, Cokers also offers on-site banquet services for added flexibility. Your guests will be treated like family and can take advantage of live entertainment in a down-to-earth atmosphere. For the best food in Arlington delivered right to your doorstep, Cokers catering is the obvious choice.