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Cokers main team dinning area

Cater Your Next Team Building Event with Cokers!

  Work takes up a lot of our time so it’s only natural to want to nurture relationships with colleagues. Team building helps form stronger bonds among co-workers and has been proven to improve problem-solving skills and productivity and is one of the best ways to foster camaraderie. A lot…

Baby chewing shower head

Planning a Baby Shower at Cokers

Expecting a baby is an exciting time for families and it’s natural to want to celebrate in a memorable and meaningful way. Planning a baby shower helps parents prepare for their child’s’ arrival and allows family and friends to socialize and shower the new baby with gifts. Known for its…

Throw an Unforgettable Graduation Party at Cokers

May and June are exciting times and many graduations are taking place – from high school to college. Parents and relatives are extremely proud of their graduates and are eager to show their pride by throwing an epic graduation party to celebrate. If you’re planning a graduation party in the...