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Everyone Loves BBQ Onion rings

Cokers Has Something for Everyone

If you’re looking for the best barbecue in Arlington, Texas, and entertainment for the whole family, look no further than Cokers Pit BBQ. Whether you’re a local who frequents this authentic Texas BBQ restaurant or you're visiting from out of town, Cokers always has special events to keep you entertained....
Slow Smoked Brisket

Cokers Catering – Make Your Next Event a Success

Cokers Catering – Make Your Next Event a Success   For large gatherings, it makes sense to cater instead of dealing with the hassle of preparing and serving food yourself. Whether it’s for an anniversary, birthday, or corporate event, Cokers Pit Bar-B-Q alleviates the stress of feeding your guests. Known...
Slow Smoked Ribs

Cokers BBQ Catering – A Great Place To Have Your Office Celebration

Cokers Pit Bar-B-Q – A Great Place To Have Your Office Celebration   When it comes to planning an off-site office party, the options can be pretty overwhelming. From choosing a venue to securing entertainment, the planning process for company outings should be started as early as possible. Planning an...
Texas BBQ Near You

Coker’s Pit Bar-B-Q: Among the Best Arlington Restaurants in TX

Texas BBQ If you live or work in Arlington, Texas, or are just visiting, finding BBQ nearby is easy thanks to a long-time favorite in the area. If you’ve ever wondered, ‘what is the best BBQs restaurant near me?, look no further. Coker’s Pit Bar-B-Q has been a top Texas...
Famous Smoked Ribs

It’s All About the Beef

  All types of meat — including pork, chicken, turkey, lamb and goat — can be enjoyed barbecue style. But the one that’s the hands down favorite is beef. Barbecue chefs can choose between different cuts, not all of which are of the tougher/less valuable varieties associated with barbecue. Here…


BBQ: The Original Foodie Delight

With legions of dedicated connoisseurs all over the world — including that capital of fine dining, Paris — barbecue is not only our national dish but also our gift to the world cuisine. Its popularity, however, wasn’t always what it is now. According to Community Table.com, by the 1980s, regional…