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A Cokers Brief History of BBQ

Barbecue is a distinctly American style of cooking with a long history. Most culinary historians believe that the word itself originates from the Spanish barbacoa. This was the term that the Spanish, on landing in the Caribbean in 1492, applied to the Arawak Indians’ method of slow-roasting meat over a…


A Brief History of Texas BBQ

Butch Donahower started Coker’s almost 20 years ago in Arlington, Texas. Since then, his little barbecue joint has become a North Texas legend. While Butch would like to say he invented barbecue, he didn’t. He’s only practicing a culinary tradition with roots older than the Lone Star state itself. History…

Coker Photos

Some Coker Photos

Cokers BBQ Photos Here are some new photos of Coker’s decor! We also have spent alot of time in shooting our entire menu, so we will include some of those photos as well.  We have an entirely new meat in our menu.  We have started smoking bacon!  That's right, we...