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Smoked Chicken

Cokers Bar·B·Q Website

One day, technology could be this great…but until then, count on Cokers BBQ for your carnivorous needs.

Welcome to the new website for Cokers BBQ in Arlington! It’s a work in progress, so keep an eye out for more images, information and “news from the pits” as we go (that’s BBQ pits for the uninitiated).

In the meanwhile, you can peruse our menu…just be careful not to get drool on your keyboard or smartphone.

And if you’re wondering, being at the top of the barbecue game of course means we’re “cooking” with this barbecue website—in fact, you can easily view this site on your iPhone, iPad, Nexus7, Android smartphone or other mobile device. Heck, you can even use your home computer. Phew, what an age we live in!

And if all of that online navigating makes your stomach growl, silence it by heading over to Cokers and grabbing one of our barbeque plates. We’ll be waiting for ya!

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