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BBQ: All the Rage in Paris

All the Rage in ParisBBQ Made Better

And that’s not Paris, Texas — that’s Paris, France. According to a January 2016 feature in The Washington Post , barbecue — American and down-home as apple pie — is now the hottest food trend in what many consider the world capital of fine dining.

The article names four well-regarded restaurants in Paris that specialize in barbecue. What’s more, there’s now even French chain of barbecue restaurants that serves, among other things, brisket tacos. And that’s only for starters. Barbecue restaurants have also opened in other cosmopolitan locales including Tokyo, Shanghai, London, Vienna and Mexico City. Not only has American-style smoked meat become chic; it’s also gone rabidly global.

That also goes for team barbecue competitions, which used to be American only. The most prestigious of these — the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational — draws teams from all 50 states and around the globe. In 2015, a record 27 teams from all over the world competed. And those contests held on foreign soil have become so so numerous that the sanctioning organization, the Kansas City Barbecue Society, created a special international division.

BBQ All the Rage

Part of the reason for the extreme popularity of barbecue is that people around world see it as an authentic manifestation of American culture. In that way, it’s become the jazz of American cuisine. And it’s actually helped changed attitudes toward certain parts of the United States. Texas, for example, is no longer just about Dynasty, oil and cattle. It’s also now a respected producer of some of the finest culinary delights in the world.

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