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Have Your Halloween Party at Cokers

Spooky season is almost upon us, and here at Cokers Pit Bar-B-Q Pit, we are gearing up for a fantastic Halloween season!

Halloween is a time for scares, fun, and delicious treats. So, what could be better than authentic, finger-lickin’ ribs, mouth-watering sausage, and succulent side dishes, while you live it up during your favorite holiday?

Have your Halloween party at Cookers Pit Bar-B-Q to ensure you and your guests have a hauntingly good time!

Location, Location, Location!

Cokers Pit Bar-B-Q is in Arlington, Texas, right in the middle between Fort Worth and Dallas making it a premium spot for your to have a Halloween party for family and friends.

Cokers Pit Bar-B-Q is proud to offer fully equipped rooms, complete with the perfect bar-B-Q spread to fit any party’s palate.

Additionally, this party room’s reservation comes with a stage, podium, and mounted televisions to give you even more options when hosting your party. You can use these extra perks as part of the decoration or for interactive party entertainment. Here are some of the enticing options for utilizing these features for your Halloween party:

  • Costume Contest
  • Live Bands
  • Show Performance
  • Presentation of Art or other Party Projects
  • Slideshows
  • Speeches
  • And more!

Frightfully Delicious Menu Options

When the face paint gets swiped away, and the masks get left on the table, everyone will remember the food. Regardless of different tastes, preferences, and dietary needs, food is always a staple of a memorable get-together. That is why having your Halloween party at Cokers is a fang-tastic idea!

Not only do you have a private, accommodating room to host your party, you also have a spellbook full of options to suit the needs and desires of your party guests.

First, you have two options to choose from: Do you want a sit-down dinner or a buffet-style dinner?

Buffet Style

Having a buffet-style spread is a favorite of most party guests, as they can just select what appeals to them and don’t have to stop the party for a sit-down feast. Yet, when it comes to Cokers Pit Bar-B-Q, you know the spread is going to be jam-packed with delectables for your costumed guests.

With the buffet-style party option, you will enjoy:

  • 2 Meat Options
  • 2 Side Dishes
  • Bread & Extras
  • Soft Drinks

The Cokers staff will set up the buffet line, refill drinks, and clear plates during your meal.

Sit-Down Dinner

If you are thinking more Phantom of the Opera, instead of the Monster Mash, you also can have a sit-down meal. This option allows for a Halloween party or gala that is more formal, especially if you are doing something for the office or having a Halloween wedding reception!

Check out Cokers Pit Bar-B-Q party brochure for more info!

Catering at Your Castle

Cokers B-B-Q Joint understands that Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, and all their hair-raising cohorts might prefer to host their haunted get-together in a private castle or residence. No problem!  Cokers Pit Bar-B-Q can cater your party without you having to step out into either the sunlight or the moonlight.

Affordable Prices

Regardless of what kind of Halloween extravaganza you want to create this year, Cokers is dedicated to providing an exceptional experience within your budget. For more information or to start planning your supernaturally stupendous Halloween party, contact Cokers Pit Bar-B-Q today!