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Sport Party at Cokers

Have Your Sports Party at Cokers Pit Bar-B-Q

What are your plans for the next sports party with the gang? If you are a fan
of baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer, then you know that game night
is a very big deal.

Although the couch cushions and the big TV in your living room seem
pretty inviting, there’s a lot more you can do to have a great time. So what’s
the missing ingredient? You guessed it – delicious food and drinks.

Location and menu are two important elements to consider and Cokers is
right there with you with themed and fully equipped rooms and with
delicious meal selections to suit everyone’s tastes.

At Cokers, we specialize in delivering diverse meal selections regardless of
the size of your party or budget. For the full meal packages, you can enjoy
a wide range of delicious bacon, ribs, chickens, turkey, pork and brisket
selections. If you would rather scale it down, we have an array of
sandwiches and meaty burgers just for you.

Don’t forget to choose from our assortments of beautifully curated sides,
appetizers, salads, ice-creams, and cobblers made to tantalize your taste
buds. Your guests will also welcome the chance to ease their thirst with
our classic beer, coke, and iced tea options.

We can bring your tasty packages to your home, but we also believe you
would have loads of fun in a luxurious atmosphere. The best thing about
having your sports party at Cokers is that there would be less work for you
to do before and after your event.

Get in touch with us at 817-860-2066 for your next sports night and
discover how we can help you have loads of fun through our prompt,
professional and friendly service.