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Having Your Child’s Birthday Party at Cokers

Are you searching for a place to host your kid’s next birthday celebration?
Look no further than Cokers for a fun-filled celebration that you will
remember for years to come. Our atmosphere and mouth-watering food
make us a great choice for celebrations of all kinds, and birthdays are no

Our Venue and Wide Range of Options Works for Every Celebration
We know that having the right venue is a must for hosting a great

For birthdays, being able to decorate and entertain are non-
negotiable. That’s why Cokers offers a functional space for large groups,
complete with technology and supplies to keep the party going. You can
put your decorative twist on the space by bringing any party supplies you’d
like. When needed, our expert staff are available to help you plan and put on
an event that will make your child’s birthday party unforgettable.

Whether you are new to Cokers or a returning customer, we guarantee a
quality experience with a reputation to prove it. We have been serving the
North Texas area for 20 years and counting and have the capacity to make
an ordinary dining experience extraordinary. Between our top-notch service,
large facility, and exceptional barbecue options, selecting Cokers for your
next celebration is a no-brainer. For children and adults alike, Cokers
provides a fun experience and fine food for every age group.

Cokers offers several options for your celebration. You can host your party
onsite with our banquet/party room or cater our melt-in-your-mouth
barbecue and appetizers to the location of your choice. Our party room
includes space for up to 65 people, so you don’t have to think twice about
having enough room for all of your family and friends. We’ve got you

Our banquet/party room comes equipped with a sound system, stage, and
TV’s, so there are endless options for entertainment. We pride ourselves
on delivering quality service and events that are customized to your highest
expectations. Get in touch with our planners to ensure that you are getting
exactly what you want out of your Cokers birthday celebration.

Our Mouth-Watering Food Will be a Highlight of Your Kid’s Next Birthday

We pride ourselves on being a family-friendly establishment, and that’s why
we are an optimal choice for your kiddo’s next birthday celebration. We
offer a large menu with plenty of kid-friendly items. We know there’s
nothing better than an authentic barbecue on your birthday, and barbecue
is what we do. With delicious platters and signature sandwiches, we have
crowd-pleasers that will leave everyone satisfied. We also have plenty of
entertainment and warm staff who are energetic and happy to cater to your
celebration needs.

Pressure-Free Planning of Your Child’s Birthday Party

When hosting an occasion at Cokers, all you’ve got to focus on is inviting
your guests and adding any personalized decorations to the room. When
you arrive on the day of your celebration, you can decorate the room to your
liking to add celebratory touches. Decorating the space elevates the fun
and personalization of the event. Adding balloons, streamers, party favors,
and themed décor is a surefire way to guarantee your kiddos will have a

Cokers’ dedicated staff are invested in ensuring your event goes off without
a hitch. Contact us for all your planning needs and we will make sure your
guests get everything they need. We will go over everything you need to
know to make the process as easy as possible. On the day of, you can be
sure that our staff will go the extra mile so you can pull off a spectacular
party with ease.

Feed Your Guests the Easy Way with Cokers’ Pre-Planned Packages

With our party packages, we offer a buffet-style set-up, complete with your
choice of two types of meat, two side dishes, bread, and extras, as well as
refreshing soft drinks. Our staff are onsite to set-up the food, replenish
drinks, and clear away plates as needed. Individual ticketed meals are also
available for purchase if you are looking to accommodate each guest.

We have an extensive buffet menu with up to ten meats to choose from,
along with nine side dish options. Cokers truly has something to offer for
everyone, and with delicious scratch-made dishes, the food is bound to be
the highlight of the party. We have over 20 years’ experience in the
business and have consistently delivered on celebration expectations for

Bring Our Delicious Barbeque Anywhere with Our Catering Services

If a party at home or the park is more your style, Cokers offers catering
services as well! With our catering services, you can leave the food
preparation, set-up, service, and clean-up to us. We are happy to deliver our
prepared food to your function, or we can do all the work for you so you can
spend more time celebrating with your child. We offer and prepare a
personalized meal package based on the number of guests you will have
and are happy to serve more in the event you have a higher turnout than
expected. Whatever you prefer, Cokers staff is happy to serve you with
delicious food and outstanding performance.

Once you are done with your delicious, slow-roasted BBQ, finish it off with
something sweet. Trust Cokers to satisfy your cravings with our extensive
dessert menu. Whether you’re looking for a cool ice cream dish or
something different, we have several tasty options. Our cobblers and
puddings are also sure to give your sweet tooth what it needs. Feel free to
ask about our other dessert options when you speak directly to our staff,
and we will be happy to customize your order to your exact needs. We also
know that birthdays aren’t complete without a birthday cake, so feel free to
provide your own to fit your desired theme.

A Birthday Party to Remember

So there you have it. Locals and visitors alike look to Cokers for a
memorable dining experience and an excellent location for celebrations of
all kinds. Cokers offers everything you need and more to guarantee a
birthday celebration worth bragging about. Our kid-friendly establishment
and expertise in event planning and execution make us a great choice for
birthday celebrations. Once you are ready to book your room reservation,
get in contact with us to get started on planning. Remember, we are always
happy to personalize our event package to ensure we fit your celebration