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Wedding Dinner Party

Having Your Wedding Shower at Cokers

Your wedding shower is a unique and memorable occasion and deserves
the highest level of attention.

The perfect bridal shower needs mouth-watering delicacies, top-notch
service and a fascinating décor that can be personalized to the theme of
the day.

At Cokers we’ve got everything you need to have a truly unforgettable bridal
shower. We are passionate about meeting your needs for a fun and exciting
occasion. Here are some reasons to choose Cokers Pit Bar-B-Q for your
special celebration.

Your Choice of Location
Many people love having their pre-wedding party in their homes, but you
can have them anywhere and we’ll be right there to support you. Whether
you prefer to have your wedding shower at home or a different location,
Cokers can meet your needs.

You also have the choice of using our Arlington-based restaurant and our
variety of private party room selections. Our party halls can accommodate
anywhere from 12 to 100 guests and come complete with audio and visual
equipment. Each party hall has a different theme and ambiance but can be
personalized to meet your bridal theme. Cokers can also treat guests to live
entertainments to spice up the fun and excitement.

More Than Traditional BBQ Delicacies
Cokers Pit Bar-B-Q is the best BBQ restaurant in Arlington Texas and is
famous for its authentic selections of barbecued specialties. However, we
can adapt your menu to your needs, no matter how large your group.
Ranging from classics BBQs like brisket, bacon, ribs, and chicken
selections, we can meet your needs at every turn. We also have a host of
delicious side dishes, appetizers, and desserts like sandwiches, salads, ice
cream, spicy-fruity desserts.

We can help you pick the right dish selections making it easy for you to
stick with the theme and provide different choices of one type of dish.
We also offer buffet-style dinner options for a truly personalized dining
experience your guests will absolutely love. At Cokers, we are all about
making sure you enjoy a memorable occasion.

Flawless Planning from Start to Finish
Not just your average catering service, the team at Cokers can help you
plan and execute a truly special shower. From décor to menu
recommendations, we have your back.

We understand how much time and energy needed to plan a truly terrific
bridal shower. That’s why we will be right there with you every step of the
way, handling all the hassles, so you can sit back and enjoy your day.
Whenever you want seamless planning of your special day, look no further
than Cokers Pit Bar-B-Q.