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Smoke Rings

Fun Fact – How to know if brisket has been smoked properly? It’s all in the smoke rings.

People often wonder how do you know if the plate of BBQ you are eating has been properly smoked.  Real BBQ fans know it is all in the smoke rings, and ours is consistent.


Take the comparison image in this post, not all brisket is the same; and it proves itself in the smoke rings.  When brisket has been properly slow smoked, it should contain consistent smoke rings that form at the edges of the meat.  As you can see, the image to the left barely has any signs of smoke rings, but our meat has a consistent smoke ring, that lines the edges of the brisket.  You see this result because we slow smoke our meat on a low heat, until it reaches perfection.


Don’t just take our word for it.  Take your own comparison challenge and see how major barbecue chains, simply don’t compete in flavor.

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