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Famous Smoked Ribs

It’s All About the Beef


It’s All About the BeefAll types of meat — including pork, chicken, turkey, lamb and goat — can be enjoyed barbecue style. But the one that’s the hands down favorite is beef. Barbecue chefs can choose between different cuts, not all of which are of the tougher/less valuable varieties associated with barbecue. Here are few that the good folks at Coker’s like to use in concocting our popular beef barbecue dishes.


This term refers to cuts trimmed from the breast of a beef carcass. This means that the brisket is usually still covered with a thicker fat cover than other cuts. Brisket points are the forward end of the brisket. They typically have more fat covering the actual brisket as well as the area between muscle fibers. Brisket flats are much leaner, both in fat covering and especially within the muscle itself.

Back rib

Beef back ribs are the upper portion of the seven ribs that are attached to a beef rib or rib eye.  The rib bones are removed along with the rib muscles that are located between the ribs. You can always distinguish beef back ribs from beef short ribs by the location of the major lean deposits on the rib.

Short rib

Beef short ribs come from one of two areas. First is an extension of the previously mentioned beef back ribs. This area, commonly referred to as rib, plate or just short ribs, is the most common area of the carcass used for short ribs.  The portion of the rib used can be anywhere from 2 to 6 inches in length and typically includes some lean and fat covering the rib bones.

A second area of the carcass used for short ribs originates in the beef chuck.  Chuck short ribs are typically sold with four ribs in the cut and a major muscle, the serratus ventralis, overlying the bones. Chuck short ribs typically have a lot of intramuscular fat or marbling and are typically four to six inches in length.

Coker’s Barbecue features a wide selection of meats slow-cooked to tender, lip-smacking perfection. Whether you’re in the mood for beef brisket or ribs, or for any of our other, mouthwatering barbeque dishes, Coker’s is here to satisfy your discerning palate. Visit us today!


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