Adam Chittum Music

Performance Date: March 23, 2019

A longtime hobbyist, I finally came to the public stage only 6.5 years ago at the ripe old age of 35. Starting in coffee houses and bars, I quickly gained confidence and found my voice by hosting an open mike at a trendy downtown Bentonville, Arkansas eatery. After relocating back to the Kansas City area, I found my niche in the booming farmers’ market scene around town.

I believe my approach on the “acoustic cover artist” is pleasantly surprising to most folks. Never one to give in to what’s popular in music, I try to stay true to my roots and play a variety of covers from some of music’s most important artists. EX: Phish, Grateful Dead, Leonard Cohen, Damien Rice, Ben Harper, David Gray, Neil Diamond, Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews, Elvis, as well as traditional spirituals, folk, and Americana.

Unconventionally fresh, never the same boring set twice, I’m always striving to reach that one person who stops to say, “Is he really playing that song? I haven’t heard that in years!”