Cody Henderson & The Unbranded

Performance Date: March 23, 2019

I started my music career 18 years ago on saxophone, got my first guitar 3 years later and joined my first band at the age of 20 as a lead guitarist. After 8 years of playing, I found a need to not play cover songs but to tell my story. Last year I began to work on my songwriting craft with the help of Josh Fleming from Vandoliers and a few other friends every Monday night at Fort Worth Live.

In one year I found my band, we found our sound and put together our first professional, original song releases. We are currently working on booking shows and growing fan base to this young punk rock, spaghetti western of a country band. Unique songwriting, playing and style make The Unbranded a sight for tired eyes. Tired of cookie cutter Americana bands that is.