G.P. The Under Dog

Performance Date: April 6, 2019

G.P The Under Dog is an aspiring artist from Fort Worth Texas. He grew up in a struggling family and at an early age, he realized his passion for music. His mother would sing and as he states "she had a voice that could knock your socks off". This is where his love for music originates. In addition to being motivated by his son, and his longtime girlfriend. His mother was often sick from Sickle Cell so he along with his siblings would help care for her. They moved often because his mother was unable to work due to her condition and they constantly moved in and out of his grandmother's house. It is through music that he releases the pain of losing his mother and other family members. As he stated music allows him to relax and think about his lost love as they are the pain in his music. Under Raps Magazine calls GP The Under Dog the Next best thing from Fort Worth he is a quiet storm with a story to tell. You have no choice but to listen.