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Famous Smoked Ribs

It’s All About the Beef

  All types of meat — including pork, chicken, turkey, lamb and goat — can be enjoyed barbecue style. But the one that’s the hands down favorite is beef. Barbecue chefs can choose between different cuts, not all of which are of the tougher/less valuable varieties associated with barbecue. Here are

August 5, 2016

BBQ: The Original Foodie Delight

With legions of dedicated connoisseurs all over the world — including that capital of fine dining, Paris — barbecue is not only our national dish but also our gift to the world cuisine. Its popularity, however, wasn’t always what it is now. According to Community Table.com, by the 1980s, regional food culture

April 11, 2016

Great Tradition of Barbeque Sauce

Barbecue Tradition Everyone knows that a great BBQ experience has a lot to do with the sauce. That’s what separates the men from the boys in the BBQ game. And here at Coker’s we have a great sauce that follows a great tradition. Here’s a little history lesson. Barbeque sauce is a

January 22, 2016

A Cokers Brief History of BBQ

Barbecue is a distinctly American style of cooking with a long history. Most culinary historians believe that the word itself originates from the Spanish barbacoa. This was the term that the Spanish, on landing in the Caribbean in 1492, applied to the Arawak Indians’ method of slow-roasting meat over a tall

November 4, 2015
All you can eat

All You Can Eat at Cokers for $18.99

Yes, $18.99 for ALL YOU CAN EAT! Now it may not be well known but at Cokers we have a great all-you-can-eat deal! How would you like to eat as much as your stomach can hold of our famous meats, any and all in one sitting? Imagine all that brisket, hot link, ribs, ham,

July 6, 2015

A Brief History of Texas BBQ

Butch Donahower started Coker’s almost 20 years ago in Arlington, Texas. Since then, his little barbecue joint has become a North Texas legend. While Butch would like to say he invented barbecue, he didn’t. He’s only practicing a culinary tradition with roots older than the Lone Star state itself. History tells us

November 21, 2014
Best Texas BBQ

Best Texas BBQ – More Cokers Reviews

AWESOME!! "Don’t waste your time going anywhere else. I’ve never had sides that were so bloody fantastic at a BBQ Place! cole slaw to die for! HUGE Stuffed baked potato with enough chopped beef for 2 sandwiches only 5.99 makes Spring Creeks’ look like hen eggs! All you can eat all

November 28, 2012
Smoked Chicken

Cokers Bar·B·Q Website

Welcome to the new website for Cokers BBQ in Arlington! It’s a work in progress, so keep an eye out for more images, information and “news from the pits” as we go (that’s BBQ pits for the uninitiated). In the meanwhile, you can peruse our menu…just be careful not to get

September 5, 2012