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Planning an Unforgettable Valentine’s Day with Cokers Catering

Planning an Unforgettable Valentine's Day with Cokers Catering   A day all about love, many couples venture out to crowded restaurants for their Valentine’s Day celebrations. For those who would rather not deal with the crowds but still want to create a memorable Valentine’s Day experience, catering is an awesome idea. Choosing

February 10, 2020

Bring the Backyard Barbecue Indoors with Catering from Cokers

Bring the Backyard Barbecue Indoors with Catering from Cokers   Few experiences compare to having a backyard barbecue. Not only do you and your guests get to enjoy tasty Texas BBQ, but you also get to have a fun gathering with family and friends. Some barbecue enthusiasts combine chowing down on BBQ

January 23, 2020

Have you taken the Monster Potato Challenge?

You may have seen our posts in the past about our Monster Potato, but do you really know what the Monster Potato consists of?  It is a meal that has been referred to as being the size of a baby. It has also been said that it is a meal

January 13, 2020

The meaning behind our name, Cokers Pit Bar-B-Q

Butch Donahower was the founder of Cokers BBQ. He was an avid Coca Cola collector, that when he opened the doors of Cokers, he brought his love of collecting Coca Cola with him; and made it a part of the restaurants decor.  To this day, our walls are covered with

January 6, 2020
Themed Party

Host a Spectacular Themed Party at Cokers Pit Bar-B-Q

Themed parties are so much fun and finding the right venue is one of the most important parts of planning a successful event. If you have limited space at home or just want to gather everyone at a convenient location, hosting a themed party at Cokers Pit Bar-B-Q is the

October 7, 2019

Cater Your Next Team Building Event with Cokers!

  Work takes up a lot of our time so it’s only natural to want to nurture relationships with colleagues. Team building helps form stronger bonds among co-workers and has been proven to improve problem-solving skills and productivity and is one of the best ways to foster camaraderie. A lot of thought

September 10, 2019
Baby chewing shower head

Planning a Baby Shower at Cokers

Expecting a baby is an exciting time for families and it's natural to want to celebrate in a memorable and meaningful way. Planning a baby shower helps parents prepare for their child's’ arrival and allows family and friends to socialize and shower the new baby with gifts. Known for its

August 6, 2019