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Great Tradition of Barbeque Sauce

Great Tradition of Barbeque SauceBarbecue Tradition

Everyone knows that a great BBQ experience has a lot to do with the sauce. That’s what separates the men from the boys in the BBQ game. And here at Coker’s we have a great sauce that follows a great tradition. Here’s a little history lesson.

Barbeque sauce is a North American culinary specialty. It looks to have started when Hernando de Soto landed in Florida in 1539. He brought vinegar, a condiment that, along with malt, cider, salt and herbs, was used in Spain for cooking. Meat was often salted, dried and then soaked before being cooked in stews. During de Soto’s time in Florida, it is likely that cooks blended vinegar with some of the native foods, which could have included chile peppers (native to Central America) and molasses (a product of the Caribbean).

One of the first recorded evidence of a sauce made specifically for meat comes from a Frenchman named Jean B. Labot, who visited the Louisiana region in 1693. He describes how cooks used a sauce made of butter, red pepper and sage to cover a whole hog that they intended to barbeque.

In Texas, historically, sauces have played different roles depending on the region. In Central Texas, they are not a focus of barbeque cuisine. If they do exist, they are typically light and not very sweet and come as side dishes. In East Texas, sauces are tomato-based, sweet and thick and are often contain generously spiced with hot sauce. South Texas sauces – which chefs use when they want to keep the meat moist – are even thicker than East Texas sauces and can have the consistency of molasses.

At Coker’s Barbeque, we use a sauce that our founder, Butch Donahower, developed after learning the tricks of the trade as a restaurant barbeque chef. That special sauce, which is a legend unto itself, combined with our trademark hickory smoking process creates barbequed brisket, ham, turkey, sausage and pork that is nothing short of mouth-watering perfection.

Experience the Coker’s Barbeque phenomenon that has that has food critics raving. Come on in and try some of our barbeque today!

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